Camp David offers life-changing encounters with God and people. You can look forward to attending word and worship sessions that will strengthen your faith, as well as one-on-one sessions with counselors to address any questions you may have. Rest assured that you will come out of the event feeling better


Join in the praise party, camp wars, morning drills, and inter-platoon competitions. You're guaranteed to have a lot of clean fun that will leave you wanting more.


Camp David provides an opportunity for you to meet teenagers from all over the world and build quality relationships with peers and mentors.

Life changing encounters.

Camp David is an international event welcoming teenagers worldwide for an unforgettable experience. Continuing our tradition, 2024 promises enriching Bible teachings, inspiring prayer sessions, enjoyable games, diverse activities, and chances for meaningful peer interactions. Expert counseling from experienced leaders will also be available, ensuring a transformative and fulfilling experience for all attendees.

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We are certain that God is doing an amazing work with this generation of teenagers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Call 08172147524 or send an email to 2018campdavid@gmail.com
We recommend dropping them off at either the Island or Mainland pickup centers because it helps with tracking and gives them a chance to bond with other teens before arriving at camp. However, if you’re unable to do this, please contact 08172147524 for assistance!
Yes, but they’re advised to submit it to the medical team upon arrival to prevent abuse and help with regulation. The teens have a lot of activities, and as such he/she might forget their medication. But the medics on ground will ensure they take it.
Call 08172147524 or send an email to 2018campdavid@gmail.com
Yes, we have considered dietary restrictions and will cater for such teenagers. Please include this information in the medical information form.

For further information, please fill in below

We just need a couple of hours! At most, 2 working days and we’ll come back to you with a response.